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Sounds like fun. I'm in, if there's a place available.

I'd be interested, so YES.

Count me in, this sounds interesting - YES.

Sounds good - Yes

Yes, I'd like to do it too. But where will addiction to this blog end?

Damnation. I'm sixth. That Salway woman's beaten me by half an hour. Can you still fit me in? I'm quite small. Does it have to be popular beat combos or can we sneak in other titbits? Assuming I'm allowed in of course.

oops too late. Up for joining if anyone drops out if you can (according to my wife) stand americana dirge.

As usual I am late on this but if always available if there is room for another.

Alex, Trevor and Dan, I thank you for bothering with my blog on a weekend but you were just a gnat's chuff too late. I shall hold you in reserve if you don't mind until we see how the whole plan works out.

Meh, too late too. Share the lists with us though so we can replicate them with a little light iTunesing ourselves...

I'll do it! Forget just five people. Let's make it as many as care to join. How much is a CD after all?! Or perhaps we should start a splinter group? Oh, and you have to send me a new copy of the Christmas CD as it gets stuck on track 5!

late as usual - but I'm game.

Meeting in person is way more fun.


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