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I had a wardrobe clearout this week and got rid of what feels like 1,000 pairs of shoes.... maybe I will tackle books next!

I did that 10 years ago - I've spent 9 years 11 months regretting it. With hindsight I should just have extended the house.

I must work harder to get rid of the excessive number of books cluttering the apartment. The problem is, I have so little space, I can't even find all the books; some are in crates; some in boxes in the cave (wine cellar); others spread in bookshelves throughout the apartment. Disgraceful, really. You've inspired me to go through them all and achieve some sort of organisational structure and get rid of the books I won't read again.

I am totally with Stephanie's comment. This is nothing short of mass murder. Poor books cuddling together for so long and then brutally torn apart to be sent to new homes where no-one will know them. *sob*

I am impressed. If asked, I would have said I didn't think you could do it. In fact I may have already said it without being asked...

The Vintage Classics held their own pretty well, I see.

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