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Woo! Peckham! Up the South East London! And other tribal cheerings. I'm very much looking forward to DJ Connell. I picked up Julian Corkle from one of the free boxes at a Book Swap earlier this year and read it on my travels, not expecting a whole lot. It ended up being my favourite of them all (and I took Girl with a Dragon Tattoo with me). You know when you read something and it fills you with glee? That. Even when it gets a bit darker it's still a lot of fun, the kind of fun that makes you think the author will be fun. I hope he likes parkin.

He is a she.

That's what happens when you leave a book on another continent. That makes me love the book even more; I was convinced the author was a guy, the book gets into the teenage boy headspace so well. At least, I thought so. You'll see.

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