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Thanks for the word on Triple J, will check it out. Having appeared on 'You and Yours' once, I'm sorry to see you slag it off. It's the only BBC show that's ever paid me for an interview! Apart from Radio Two's Sounds Of The Sixties on Saturday mornings, I restrict myself to 4 and 6music too, but the 6 DJs usually drive me away within half an hour.

It's strange to see this post because Chris and I were talking about this subject a few days ago. One of my earliest memories is of my dad getting up at 4am (in Canada)so he could listen to a BBC radio show every day.

Just discovered your blog this evening Scott and will be reading it regularly. By strange coincidence I have also just recently discovered TuneIn although I find that being in New Zealand I tend to listen to Northern hemisphere stations!

Thanks Michael, I look forward to you returning many times!

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