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im always buying too much whale meat

I recently read (yesterday, to be exact) The Twin by Gerbrand Bakker, translated from the Dutch, and an absolute gem. Just thought I'd mention it...

My partner and I did a read around the world blog thing a few years back. It was great fun, and introduced me to all sorts of books I wouldn't have encountered otherwise. We didn't make it all the way round - I got lost after Singapore I think. But thanks for reminding me.

And Charles - I agree. The Twin is a wonderful book. I used to be a bit wary of 'foreign' novels. I think like foreign films we are raised to think they are hard work. But I find them more and more rewarding as the years go by.

I read an article somewhere - maybe here? about French novels not selling here as Brits find them too high-brow. In response I'm making it my mission to read modern French novels this year! At the moment Philippe Claudel is proving very satisfactory.

What a lovely post, good to learn of these translations, though the Rohinton Mistry is def a wee bit of a cheat! I am intrigued now by 'The Makioka Sisters' and 'The President's Hat'. The Peter Hoeg is wonderful though I recall being a bit thrown to find it translated as 'Smilla's Sense of Snow', when I was in the USA in 1990s for spells. It just didn't feel right (no pun intended).

Glad people enjoyed the post. I think we may be doing the event next year at Bath so will have to think up a load more books!

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