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Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on 'the Irish one'!

How long are you away for? Seems a bit ambitious to me. Do you do anything apart from read on holiday?

Iain: You are not the first person to say that.

Jo: I am away for two weeks. I tend to get through 10-15 when I go away each year. A couple of these are not books I intend to finish in that time, though. We do lots of stuff apart from reading but I don't drive so I do lots of reading when I am a passenger.

Utter rubbish. 10 - 15 books in 2 weeks. So a book a day? Allowing time to eat, sleep, go to the toilet and other leisure activities, you'd have no more than 7 hours to read a book. Tosh! I've heard of speed reading but not light-speed reading. Pull the other one Scott and stop trying to impress so much.

Who's this Jimbo cunt?

Hayley, my comment was aimed at those who don't fall for BS not sycophants like you. Move along.

Ahh, Jimbo my dear boy, thank you for your comment. It is always heartening when people take the time to leave messages on the blog. Most kind.

I take it from the nature of your comment that you are one of those slow readers. That may explain your incredulity, so charmingly expressed, as to my attempts to read so much while I was on holiday (I had a lovely time, thanks for asking). I envy you. As a fast reader I often wish I could linger a while and luxuriate on the page, take in the prose, absorb the poetry of great writing but sadly I cannot do anything to control the natural pace of my reading (I have tried but I always revert to type). I suspect this is why I prefer plot over style and why much literary fiction leaves me cold. It is my loss, I am sure.

Now, as you are a slow reader it is entirely possible that you have yet to make it to the end of my blog post. At the risk of revealing a spoiler I need to point out that I never really had any intention of reading them all, hence my final couple of sentences about making a dent and reporting back. Think of the pile as a longlist, something to ensure I had all possibilities covered while I was away.

Your confusion is, perhaps, understandable and I accept your apology in the spirit of reading and of spreading the word about good books.

Hope you didn't miss me too much while I was gone. I shall attempt to write more blog posts to delight and amuse you now I am back.

Maybe there's a Slow Reading movement, like the Slow Food movement? But even so, I don't see how it could take (or one could bear) 7 hours to read Robin Hobb.

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